"What evolved was a unique process, headed by Mimi Savage, who both Skrzeszewska and Parker [documentary filmmakers] described as "gifted" and "amazing" to watch in action, guiding the sessions with sensitivity yet firmly taking care to always move toward something positive" 

Shana Nys Dambrot, KCET Artbound: A poetic take on Skid Row (cited from the filmmakers)

"Dr Savage is highly encouraging of our social-emotional  (SEA) trainees--always ready with suggestions for next steps, opportunities and resources for them to pursue their interests.  With her improvisational expertise and vast knowledge base, she is a fountain of creative ideas." 

Ping Ho, Founder/Director of UCLArts and Healing Program

"Dr. Savage is someone who understands what it means to put theory into practice and help others (e.g. students, clients, colleagues) to process and translate the meaningfulness of performative engagement into the dynamics of their everyday lives."  

Dr. Bryant Keith Alexander, Dean College of Communications and Fine Arts, Loyola Marymount University 

Voice of America

Helping Troubled Teens Through Filmmaking in LA  (2014) Expert interview with Dr. Savage by Deyane Moses

"Dr. Savage, a gifted creative clinician, has worked with diverse populations from children with significant developmental delays to homeless adults.  Distinguished by her research assessing the uses of narradrama, Dr. Savage's professional background in theatre and film contributes to her superior skills in drama therapy." 

Dr. Pamela Dunne, RDT-BCT Founder/Director Drama Therapy Institute of LA

"Mimi Savage is a visionary and we appreciate her humanistic approach in our clinical setting. She has devised a methodology of story making, play, and behavior management for an often volatile and wounded group...a behaviorist as well as a dynamist." 

Frank Williams MD, Executive VP Medical Director, Kedren Psychiatric Hospital 

Open Fist Theatre, Hollywood (World Premiere, LA Times Critics Choice), supporting Hollygrove Youth Foster Care Home, LA

Interview with a participant from documentary, GameGirls, a  project on skid row, Los Angeles where  Dr. Savage facilitated drama therapy and expressive arts.


"Director, Mimi Savage plumbs every laugh in this stylish, brisk staging...[Do Do Love world premiere productional Open Fist Theatre, LA]" 

Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times


KLOS Radio Spotlight on the Community

Drama Therapy interviewing Dr. Myriam Savage with  (2016) Denise Westwood.

 Spotlight 010316 , 2016


Gamegirls: A Documentary Project

KCET Artbound: A poetic take on Skid Row, Game Girls re-imagines what the documentary film genre can be