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Becoming.                                                  2011

My art. My practice. My life. 

The empty space of discovery.                2015

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Finding tracks.                             2013

The Drama Therapist: Illumination

Myriam Savage (Mimi) Phd, RDT-BCT is a narrative trained drama therapist as well as a published narrative, arts-based researcher. She implements narradrama in her practice and is person-centered in therapeutic approaches with private clients she coaches. Working together to re-author problem saturated life narratives through the expressive and dramatic arts as a means toward a more embodied, cognitively aware, and actively creative experience is key to her group and individual facilitation. Dr. Savage's expertise is in adoption, foster care, self-identity for adolescence, multiculturalism, and inpatient psychiatric behavioral rehab for adults and children (ages 5-12). She facilitates a variety of clients experiencing various levels of recovery and discovery, and leads drama therapy groups at colleges and corporate and nonprofit organizations on such topics as anti-bias practices, and self-care. She presents regularly on drama therapy at conferences, teaches drama therapy, and supervises drama therapy AT students nationally and internationally. 

To be a client in personal growth coaching, private practice using drama therapy or expressive therapy, please call 323-419-3319 or contact mimisavage@sfeala.com on this website contact page or go to                                               and make an appointment.

Daring to walk the gentle path.     2013

Through my photography and visual art work and even to some extent my theatre practice, I am often captivated by open spaces and bright pathways --places for possibilities. These places almost seem to call out: "Look at me!" I do not claim to be an expert photographer, enlightened scribe, nor am I the most talented painter, competent musician, or well-rounded thespian, but I am often an inspired being who relies on these multiple arenas of creativity in order to feel safe, heard, and seen. I believe this reliance  is key to self-discovery and the intrinsic, healthy, universal, human need to feel connected to others, oneself, and something larger than oneself perhaps.  I have noticed that a bit like the skillful vaudeville actor--an expressive arts vagabond, traveling from town to town, finding a spot for telling a story on weathered theater planks dimly lit by candlelight or gaslight, I too seek the light so I can show and tell a story in an image that I create or capture. The image tells its own story, really.  I just happen to get there--to that spot in the moment, in order to witness it, hold it, and to offer it as a narrative for you to interpret and to do what you will with it. 

I may be romanticizing the role of the vaudevillian finding his or her light in strange places. Admittedly, I do think there is much darkness and brilliance to navigate on new and even familiar terrain, but sometimes a trek is less foreboding if we venture toward these storied pathways together. This is where the healing can be found. This is the way of self discovery, especially as I share the illuminating offerings of drama therapy.

                                                                                                                                                  --Dr. Myriam Savage RDT-BCT