‚Äč Research and Literature in Drama Therapy

Published for the  UCLArts and Healing blog as a way to explore New Year's resolutions and life goals, this article introduces Narradrama (Dunne), a method of drama therapy that focuses on self-exploration and re-authoring problem saturated narratives in one's life. The exercise I devised for readers offers information to the individual seeking a way to self-help and to the practitioner or educator desiring an experiential method to facilitate. 

Finding Pathways to Healing 

Articles on Drama Therapy Interventions and Peer Reviewed Drama Therapy Research  

Recently published, (October, 2016) this peer reviewed article in the journal, Drama Therapy Review (Intellect Publishing) introduces my research on a novel method of using drama therapy, digital apps, and plaster mask making in research and therapy with young women (ages 16-18) who were adopted from foster care. More articles and publications are in process. Please request articles if interested in research.  

Published in DramaScope through the NADTA, the article reviews the development of a drama therapy intervention I have devised with three-dimensional assemblage art called Poem Houses. I have used it with various groups from filmmakers, to therapists, to women in my community and I will continue to explore it with different populations and milieus. I am looking forward to collaborating with artist, Brigid Collins from the UK, who created this specific art form in Spring, 2017 when we will be offering an all-day workshop at the inaugural UCLArts and Healing and Expressive Therapies Summit Conference, in Los Angeles.